Although solutions can appear to be the same across companies, very rarely they are. Solutions can be similar but most likely need changes and manipulation to conform to the business needs. There are many technologies to choose from today.  XDev Software chooses to utilize the following:

  • Microsoft.NET
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Amazon’s cloud service (Amazon Web Services)
  • Traditional hosting solutions (i.e., Go Daddy)

Depending on the solution your business needs, depends on the technology that is used. If your solution is to create a small business website for marketing purposes, then a traditional hosting company is perfect. On the other hand, if your solution is to provide an application that is going to support hundreds or thousands of users, then maybe Amazon Web Services is right for your business.

The best thing when it comes to technology these days is that your business gets to choose what fits best.  If you find out in the future you need a larger solution then the option is there for you to use it, and XDev Software will be there alongside with your company.

For solutions that involve any type of E-Commerce, XDev Software specializes in utilizing Authorize.Net, PayPal and Dwolla. These three popular solutions are readily available and excellent options for your e-commerce solution. When dealing with financial transactions on the Internet, XDev Software understands the security involved and how to help minimize your risk. Each of the solutions mentioned above help limit the compliance your company needs to worry about, because they already provide the compliance for you. This helps eliminate the stress your company may be concerned about when taking credit cards, or accepting money in other forms online through your business solution.

Whatever your solution may be, feel free to reach out and we can discuss further.

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